Wed. May 29th, 2024

Because of the pandemic and the twins, we hadn’t really travelled in 3 or 4 years. Our last major trip was our parental leave trip to South East Asia when Adam was only 8 months old. Although it was an epic trip, we were starved for a change of scenery and a proper vacation.

We talked about different options for a while but couldn’t land on anything, mostly because the thought of travelling with three small children was a bit too overwhelming for us.

We decided that instead of putting off another vacation, I would take a trip with Adam and Alex would stay home with the twins. He had recently switched jobs and didn’t have enough vacation anyways – I had too much vacation at that point – so it made sense.

I have a friend living in London, so we decided to start there and make the trek to Amsterdam and Paris. Adam had never been to Europe and I hadn’t been since 2016, so it felt like a relatively easy and manageable trip to take with a 5 year old.

We spent a week in London (with a short jaunt to Oxford to visit some other friends) and hit up all the major sites.

Following our week in the UK, we took the train to Amsterdam and spent 3 days touring around the city.

We also made a quick stop in the Hague to visit some family.

Our trip ended with a few days in Paris. Again, we hit up the major sites!

I wasn’t sure how travelling alone with a 5 year was going to go, but it was actually a great trip. We had our moments, but it was nice to spend some quality time with Adam without distractions from his brothers. I think he also had a great time!

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