Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

I spent a lot of time thinking through the design of our bathroom, particularly how I would maximize storage without making it look cluttered.

Finding a medicine cabinet that worked with our design was trickier than I expected. We picked a standard 36″ vanity, but ended up with a 34″ vanity. I figured it was close enough and the frame of the shelf around the vanity would add enough width to make it pretty close.

To confirm that I was happy with the size and configuration of my future shelf and medicine cabinet, I first used some tape to map everything out to see how it would look.

The next step was to order the medicine cabinet and wait for it to arrive. Unfortunately the first one came with a chip in the glass, so we had to send it back, but I could at least get started on figuring out how it would be installed prep the wall.

I made sure to get the medicine cabinet in the right spot (centering it on where the future vanity would go). Once in place, I carefully measured to make sure my framing was correct and get measurements for my wood shelf. I then tested my measurements by placing my pieces around the medicine cabinet and then screwed it all together.

Once together, I put it in the wall and tiled around it. Having the shelf in place was key so that I knew exactly where my tiles should go.

I then figured out how spaced out I wanted the shelves on the left and also added veneer to the front of the shelf.

After the wall was completely done (tiled with grout), I sanded the shelf and varathaned the wood. I then installed it in the wall and caulked around it.

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