Wed. May 29th, 2024

Once our contractor was finally ready to start (only 3 weeks later than planned…), we had to get the kitchen packed up so it could be demolished. Packing a kitchen that has been lived in for 5 years isn’t the easiest or quickest task, but we were on a deadline, so we managed to pack everything up in 3 days of the long weekend.

To help keep out the dust during demo, the contractor built a great temporary wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

Demo took 2 solid days. And they were really hot days. The temporary wall kept most of the dust from travelling to the rest of the house, with the exception of the basement, which got the brunt of it from being directly below the kitchen. Some additional vacuuming and mopping kept on top of most of it.

The next step after interior demo was the most exciting of all! Opening the brick to complete the structural work and install the windows.

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