Tue. May 21st, 2024

Once the window and doors were installed, it was time to frame the interior and install the subfloor. This was probably one of the most exciting steps in the process because it meant that we were starting to move towards getting a new kitchen!

Our contractor was very delayed in starting (and finishing) the framing and subfloor, which ate into Alex’s electrical work time. But we pushed hard and got the framing done late on a Friday evening so that Alex could start the electrical the following day.

After the electrical was done, our contractor arranged for someone to come and spray insulation in the exterior walls. It took a couple of hours and $900 later we were left with insulated walls! The only ones in the house!

Our contractor then finished framing the ceiling and installed the drywall. Seeing the room with clean(ish) white walls really shifted things. We were finally starting to see our project come together!

Having the drywall installed allowed our millwoker to come and take his measurements. He had a fancy laser machine that scanned the entire room to get the exact dimensions to build our custom cabinets. From here, he’ll develop shop drawings for us to review and confirm and then start actually making the cabinets! It’s a very exciting time!

My dad offered to mud and sand our walls, so we took him up on the offer and headed off to Montreal on vacation while he slaved away working on our kitchen.

When we returned, we still had about another week of sanding and mudding to finish. It was tedious, and the drywall dust was brutal, but we eventually finished.

I was pretty excited to start priming to really get rid of all the dust. I used our regular primer and got to work!

It took me the entire day and it was physically draining (turns out it’s harder to do construction when pregnant with twins than with a single), but I’m glad I pushed through and got it done.

Final painting won’t happen until after the floor is installed and sanded (since there will be more dust from that). But it’s really starting to come together!

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