Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

After we removed the dining room wall, we were left with a small trench in the hardwood flooring where our wall used to be.

We were planning on waiting to do something to fix it until our kitchen project is underway, when we’ll be installing new hardwood in the kitchen anyways. But we decided to host Christmas this year, so we wanted to do a temporary patch so that people didn’t trip over it.

Adam and I took to the streets and got some plywood cut to the exact size of the hole.

The first try didn’t work out (it was slightly too wide), so back I went until I had the right fit.

Once I had the subfloor patch in, it was time to put some hardwood down. Luckily I have some leftover boards from our hardwood installation project.

It was an awkward install, but basically we made a little arch and when all the pieces were in place, used our weight to push the boards into place. I then took some sandpaper and did a light sand.

We didn’t bother applying a finish because it’s only temporary. It actually looks pretty decent given how little we cared about it.

Not bad, right?

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