Wed. May 29th, 2024

The real work began this weekend.

Service Upgrade

We had our electrician show up and do the service upgrade this week. This was a small job that is separate from the re-wiring work that needs to be done. We currently have a new, 100amp panel, but are getting 60amp service from the street. The electrician came to upgrade the service so that it matches the panel amount. It only took one day, and $900.

Photo 5-30-2014, 5 03 43 PM.jpg

But look how sexy that tube thing is…

Electrical Work

Most of Saturday was spent trying to run electrical cables to each room. As usual, this wasn’t easy and Dad and Alex ran into several problems. But they’re making great progress… and a lot of mess.


We also all ran the Sporting Life 10k this weekend, just because there wasn’t enough to do…


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