Wed. May 29th, 2024

For anyone who knows icq or msn emoticons, the title of this post is a huge spoiler alert.

Last night was bid night. We left work early and met our realtor to sign the offer. About five minutes before bid night officially began, we found out that there were no other bidders. Amazing.

One of the last things you do before signing is writing in the price. Since we were the only bidders, we offered asking. As our agent left, Alex and I realized that we may have just bought a house… Eek.

It wasn’t long before our agent was done. He offered asking and apparently the seller wouldn’t accept anything less than $100K over asking. WTF?! Apparently she’s been reading the news about the crazy bidding wars and huge payouts. The only problem is that you need a bidding war to get a huge payout. She didn’t have one. She only had us.

So we left. We’re mad. Really mad. We’re mad that we didn’t get the house, we’re mad that she’s so greedy and we’re mad that we wasted so much time.


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