Wed. May 29th, 2024

We decided to make our lives a bit more complicated by deciding to change our heating system from forced air to a boiler with rads. Since the pipes need to run through the floor, we had to pull up parts of the subfloor so that our hydronics guy could get access. Nothing like some rework to keep us busy. Luckily we stopped installing the subfloor in the back bedroom prior to the decision, but we still had to pull up and reinstall the floor in parts of the hallway and two of the bedrooms. It could have been worse, I guess…

The hydronics guys left us with some nice holes to fill in the sub-sub floor (aka the original subfloor). 

Then we re-installed the plywood subfloor. It took us about a day to fix the holes and re-install the subfloor. Not too painful considering it was all rework.

It was particularly fun trying to line the floor up with the new pipes. 

But we are now ready to install our hardwood floor!

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