Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

So we’re making an offer. It’s been a very busy two days.


Monday night we went back for another visit. We brought my dad, our agent, and a good set of inspection eyes. We decided that a home inspection was a large expense that might not be worth it if 10 other people show up and we lose the bid. Given that our mini team of handymen are actually quite handy, we figured that we were relatively safe. I don’t think our realtor agrees, but I also don’t think we have high hopes of winning our first bidding war. We also confirmed that we love this house.

I slept 2 whole hours Monday night. Two.


Tuesday was equally stressful, but things were coming together. I made a few calls to people in the neighbourhood and discussed the area – particularly the low-income apartment buildings just to the north. Everyone I spoke to had wonderful things to say and confirmed what we had read about the buildings – that it was really the landlords who were causing problems, but that the tenants were part of the community and not to fear. Good.

I also cold-called the people who live in the other half of the semi. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, but I’m very happy that I called them. They were an old couple who struggled with English, but were happy to have us come over after dinner to discuss the house and the neighbourhood. Seriously the best decision I’ve made in a while.

Alex left work around 3pm to meet my dad’s girlfriend (Louise) who drove him up to North York to pick up our deposit cheque (the only downside of online banking). We wished we owned a car today. And holy crap is it stressful carrying a cheque for that much!!

Also, this best describes my state of mind at this point:


We then went to visit the neighbours. Peter and Hilda, who just had their first great-grandchild, were fantastic. They told us everything about the neighbourhood and the house itself. Apparently the house used to be owned by their daughter before she sold it to the woman who owns it now. We came out of it feeling great! And we felt less scared about not getting a home inspection.


Bid day. Holy crap.

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