Wed. May 29th, 2024

There’s lots going on right now and we’re all working on different things. Dad and Alex are going strong on the electrical and I’m picking up other random projects that need to be done.

Electrical Progress

The electrical work continues. We have several holes in the walls and things are starting to get connected. Most of the cables have been run to their respective locations and now it’s just a matter of connecting them. Simple, right?

This is what Alex has been working on:

Photo 5-19-2014, 1 09 52 PM

Look at those cables running neatly through the joists! Alex not only had to run the cables, but also made all the holes and fastened them to the joists to hold them neatly in place.┬áIt’s a huge job and both Dad and Alex are working really hard. But it’s not very exciting to write about, so I’ll skip it for now.

Meanwhile, I was making other progress.

Appliance Disassembly

Our house is old. Really old. So spaces are small and not built for modern, suburban-sized appliances. As a result, our washer and dryer live in the kitchen because they don’t fit down the basement stairs. Until now.

This was the previous owner’s setup:

Photo 3-7-2014, 9 53 52 AM (1)

After some investigation, I decided that by disassembling the washer and dryer, we could fit them down the stairs. This task was a pain in the ass. Big time. But it worked! This basically took me all of Friday night and most of Saturday.

Photo 5-17-2014, 11 50 22 AM

I then recruited Dad and Alex to move them downstairs. I’m really happy that my measurements were accurate. I had about half an inch of error room, so it could have been bad.

I spent most of Sunday putting the machines back together – thanks to detailed step-by-step notes and photos to show where things were connected. This is a very important (albeit tedious) step.

I only ended up with two extra screws! Not sure where these go… but they can’t be that important, right?

Photo 5-16-2014, 6 55 45 PM.jpg

Here’s the dryer in her new home!

Photo 5-17-2014, 5 18 18 PM

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