Wed. May 29th, 2024

Now that we’ve pretty much renovated our entire house, the parts that are unrenovated (our kitchen and bathroom) look pretty sad in comparison.

Our plan is to renovate the kitchen and bathroom in a couple of years, once the wounds from the last two years have healed. The kitchen is a giant disaster and would require significant changes to make it even sort of decent. The bathroom is in a similar state, but a bit more manageable. So we decided to do a very quick and dirty bathroom face-lift to make it a little less gross than it is.

We couldn’t change the fact that the bathroom has ugly burgundy tile, but we could deal with small things like the mold around the bathtub and the gross yellow paint on the walls.

We fixed the mold issue by removing the bath doors and all the caulking around the tub, making sure to fill the bathtub with water so it was at its heaviest when we caulked.

We then made a baking soda/water paste and scrubbed as much mold off as we could. It worked fairly well, but most of the worst was just replaced by new caulking.

When applying silicone, it’s best to take the area so that you end up with a smooth, clean line.

It turns out that I suck at applying silicone. I’m not the worst, but I did a fairly mediocre job. It still looks better than it did before, so that’s something.

Gus even liked it.

Once it was caulked, it was then time to install the shower door railings and doors (after they were thoroughly cleaned).

I also repainted the bathroom to give it a fresher look. The white looks much better than the yellow that was there before. I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath & Spa paint for the ceiling and walls. The paint store recommended using a shinier finish (like our trim paint) to avoid any water marks, but since I really hate shiny finishes, I decided that I would just use the Aura paint and see what happens… 

I tried to make the bathroom a little more exciting by adding some small accents, so I painted the vents black.

It took a few hours to do, but I’m pretty happy that we made the small changes. It just looks cleaner than it did, even if it’s still burgundy…

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