Wed. May 29th, 2024

Before we could start painting, we had some drywalling to do. We wanted a new wall flush with the exposed brick, we wanted a closet opening that would fit an IKEA PAX wardrobe and we wanted a new ceiling in the middle bedroom to replace the dropped tile ceiling. There was also some small patch work, like where the window bench and wall vent used to be.

After last year’s wall debacle, I had no interested in doing any drywalling or sanding myself. Let’s remind ourselves of how terrible it was.

Especially because after the several hours of sanding and re-mudding, our wall looked like garbage (and still does).

Sometimes you need to know when to bring in the professionals.

We wanted to save on cost, so we did all the demo work ourselves.

Let’s remember what we’re demolishing.

Master Bedroom
Middle Bedroom

We started by removing the wall we previously built in the master bedroom. It was painful to undo the work we had done, but I think the end result will be worth it.

Next we started to remove the closet. Currently, the closet in the master bedroom and in the middle bedroom stick out into each of the rooms. Our plan is to remove the closet in the middle bedroom altogether and use the current closet spaces to have a single master bedroom closet that sits flush with the wall. You’ll see…

We even found a couple of treasures, including some fun green wallpaper (which proves that these closets weren’t always here) and a note from when the last renovation was done.

We kept working our way through the closet until we opened up to the middle bedroom.

We tore out the old closets in both the master and middle bedrooms:

Alex then removed the coffin-like window bench in the master bedroom.

While Alex worked on removing the bench, I worked on exposing the brick of the chimney. But more on that here.

We also removed the dropped ceiling in the middle bedroom.

Before we could start putting the rooms back together, we had to tear up the floor. More on that in the upcoming posts.

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