Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but we’ve spent so much time on the inside of our house that we’ve really failed to care much about the outside. Our porch needs to be redone, our front door is old and the trim is this awful green colour.

I decided that I didn’t have enough going on in my life with a baby-turning-toddler, so I embarked on a little front door face-lift project.

First, we really need a new mailbox, light and house numbers. The existing ones were just awful. I managed to find a great light and mailbox on Wayfair and got the house numbers I’ve wanted for a while now from Design Within Reach.

House Exterior Accessories

When we installed the house numbers, I made sure to keep the brick dust so I could fill the holes from the old house number. I also sanded off the crud that had built up under the house number. It’s not a complete fix, but it looks much better than it did.

Front Door

Our front door is original to the house. It’s solid wood and we like it, but the previous owner’s dogs did a number on the wood. There are massive, deep claw marks on most of the door.

My plan was to paint the door, but first I had to fix the deep claw marks. I used wood filler and applied it all over the door, making sure to get in each scratch mark or dent.

Once the wood filler was applied, I removed the door and brought it outside to sand and paint. I also removed all the door hardware.

I primed the door and then painted two coats of

When the paint fully dried, I reattached it to the door and put the hardware back on.

Exterior Trim

After a thorough cleaning, I primed all the trim – the window, the railing and around the door.

Once the paint was dry, I painted the trim in a dark black exterior paint.

It’s not a major makeover or anything, but anything looks better than the awful green that was there before.

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