Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

We moved into our house 10 years ago, and our backyard and garage have mostly been unusable. The previous owner had large dogs and put gravel down in the backyard, as one tends to do with dogs. The garage was a glorified shed and was so decrepit that eventually was only standing because it was leaning against the neighbour’s garage. For 10 years, as we renovated our first floor, second floor, basement and kitchen, the backyard became an outdoor workspace, with all the troubles an outdoor workspace has to offer.

With most of the inside complete, 3 kids to our name, and the purchase of our first vehicle in 2020, we wanted to redo the garage and backyard so we could use it for its intended purpose.

Seven months and a contractor scam later, we had our new backyard!

And the view from the laneway has also greatly improved!

And it’s fantastic to have a nice, smooth walkway leading to the backyard. We can ride our bikes without getting caught on broken concrete, and shoveling snow is significantly easier now.

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