Tue. May 21st, 2024

We are FINALLY ready to embark on our kitchen renovation. We had scoped out a few architects when we were doing our basement underpinning, and already knew who we wanted to hire.

The first step was to meet and discuss what we were looking for. We showed examples of other kitchen designed we liked and talked about what we’re looking for in our new kitchen.

The architect then went to work to develop a few schematic designs of different layouts.

Alex and I then spent a few weeks reviewing the schematic designs and met to go over what we liked and didn’t like about each option. The architect then went away and put together a final layout design.

It took about 2 months until we saw the first design development, which was the best from the 3 schematic options. It was also the first time that we started seeing examples of the different materials we could choose.

Now that we have a design, it’s time to find a contractor!

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