Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

The birth of our twins made our house feel very small. All of a sudden, almost twice the number of people were living in our house. Plus, with all of our bedrooms filled, we no longer had a spare room for anyone to come visit. So, we decided to hurry our basement renovation plans along and get cracking.

During the craziness of our kitchen renovation, our basement became a total disaster. We didn’t have time to organize or purge what we didn’t need, so it became a dumping ground for tools, old furniture and baby things. Since we’d have to tackle this problem before we could do anything else, we decided that the first areas to renovate should be the storage under the stairs and the spare bedroom.

We decided that we loved our kitchen millwork so much that we would use our millworker for the storage under our stairs as well. Before he could come and measure, I had to frame the walls, and before I could frame the walls, I needed to tidy.

To begin work on the back of the house, we had to clear everything out and move it to the front. I wanted to take the opportunity to not only organize everything but also clean everything. Most of the stuff in the back half of the house was covered by debris that fell through the floor while our kitchen was being built. It took me about two weeks, but I managed to clear out the back.

And the front was nice and organized!

We were then ready to start framing!

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