Tue. May 21st, 2024

Our basement renovation has been the longest renovation project in our house. We started by underpinning back in 2017 and it’s been a constant effort of renovating each part of the basement over the years.

Making the change from a forced-air furnace to a boiler meant that we could free up space in what would become our family room and move the boiler and on-demand water heater to a small closet.

We built a new family room, a second bathroom in the house and a spare room and office. Not to mention lots of other projects like new stairs and built-in storage cabinets.

The family room has been a great addition to the house. It’s a place where the kids can play, watch tv and hang out together.

We also built in a bunch of storage, both in the family room and under the stairs.

With 5 people now in the house, it was also important that we add a second bathroom to the house.

And finally, given that we are using all of our bedrooms upstairs, we added a spare room and office to the basement for our guests.

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