Tue. May 21st, 2024

Last Christmas we had just finished our first floor renovation and were finally able to relax in our home.

Upstairs was a different story, however. We had a decent set-up in the back bedroom, but we were still surrounded by that awful yellow and burgundy paint.

We’re doing the upstairs renovation in phases since we need somewhere relatively clean to sleep at night to keep our sanity. We’ve been working on the front two bedrooms and they now have fresh plywood subfloors, so we’ve moved out of the back bedroom and into the front room while we rip apart the back room. Then we’ll move around again when it’s time to install the new hardwood flooring. So all of that is in the works and the final blog posts will be up as soon as we’re done.

We are also in the middle of hiring an architect to design and manage the construction of our new kitchen (and more, if we decide to let the scope creep a bit). The kitchen really takes away from how beautiful the rest of our downstairs is.

Just like last year, we got a beautiful Christmas tree! 

We even tree-pooled with my dad:

Our outdoor decorations are improving considerably. I was hoping the nasty green trim would be gone, but no such luck. With so much to fix inside, we barely managed to rake our leaves this year. We bought some greens from Home Depot and made a garland out of it.

Now for a less happy note.

Although I try to keep this blog specifically about our renovation, I can’t help but mention something major that occurred this Christmas. On December 20, my mother passed away unexpectedly.

RIP, mom.

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