Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

For the first time since we bought our house, this Christmas seasons wasn’t filled with frantically finishing major construction!

We got back from our epic parental leave trip just a few days before Christmas, but still wanted to celebrate Christmas in our usual way.

The day after we got back was a little rough. We fought through the jet lag by doing a grocery store run to restock our fridge for the next few days until we left for Montreal. The struggle was real. Adam slept through most of the drama, but Alex and I really struggled.

We were super ambitious and managed to get a Christmas tree. There weren’t many options left, but we managed to find one at Home Depot that wasn’t too Charlie Brown-ish. The best part was when it started to slide off the roof of the car and we had to stop mid-way home to reattach it to the car.

We even managed to get in some baby Christmas photos in Adam’s super adorable reindeer sweater (from Vietnam, no less!)

Then we were off to freezing cold Montreal for a few days.

Unfortunately our house was broken into on Christmas night, which put a damper on our trip. We got a notification from our Nest camera at around 9:30pm on Christmas night that there was someone in Adam’s room. The police eventually came (guns drawn) and a friend stopped by to see what damage had been done. There wasn’t much stolen (maybe $500 worth), but the violation of having someone in our house – especially when we were so far away – was very unsettling. The most annoying thing that was stolen was my breast pump! The first thing we bought on boxing day was two more cameras for the exterior of the house and we paid for the play-back subscription.

Aside from our break-in drama, the visit was nice and we spent a lot of time with family. Everyone was excited to see Adam.

We had another family visit when we returned from Montreal, but I think Adam was familied out.

We didn’t have our own family Christmas until all of the other Christmas celebrations were over. Luckily our gifts weren’t stolen!

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