Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Another Christmas, and another dash to a construction project finish line!

With our dining room walls gone, we had a few last minute projects to complete before Christmas. Mainly finishing the drywall and painting the living room, and patching the floor so our Christmas guests wouldn’t trip.

We now have a very open concept living and dining room!

The start of Christmas for us is getting our Christmas tree. This year we decided to get it at Ikea. They have a decent deal (buy a tree for $25, get a $25 coupon when you spend $100+ in January) and we went early enough that the selection wasn’t bad.

The tree itself was a bit thin, but for the price it was more than fine!

For the first time, we took a picture with Santa. Adam wasn’t a huge fan but we managed to get one decent photo of the 3 of us.

This year we hosted Christmas at our house.

We then headed to Montreal for a few days!

We returned to Toronto for New Years Eve and even managed to go out this year!

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