Tue. May 21st, 2024

This year has been really tough. 2020 will go down in Millennial history books as one of the hardest in our lives.

To help with all the stress from living through a pandemic, having infant twins, not being able to rely on family or daycares staying open, I’ve focused on renovating.

With so many things out of my control this year, being able to frame and drywall the basement has been very rewarding and feels like progress when the rest of the world is standing still. It’s been a break from daily monotony with the kids and given me a sense of purpose when I otherwise feel stuck.

When we started the year, the basement was still just a big storage area of all the things we don’t have a spot for or haven’t sorted through.

But over the year, I built a spare bedroom, finally got our custom storage installed under the stairs, and started on the family room area.

Like all Christmases since we moved in, the weeks leading up were dust-filled and relentless, but I finally managed to get the first half of the basement family room drywalled, sanded, primed and painted. It felt good to clean all the drywall dust throughout the house and set myself up for my next project: some built-in custom cabinets in the family room.

Christmas was quite different this year. For the most part, we celebrated alone with only a couple of outdoor, distanced visits.

At least 2020 is now over and things can only go up from here.

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