Mon. May 27th, 2024

Well, this Christmas looks a lot different for a few reasons.

First, we finished our kitchen renovation!! After months and months of never ending delays and working like crazy (while pregnant) to get it done, we did! And it’s beautiful!

But even before that, we had a major family event: the birth of our second and third sons, Sam and Elliott (no, not named after America’s cowboy). After more than a week in NICU, we brought these brand new babies home to enjoy a mostly construction-free zone.

Even though life was an absolutely sh*t show, I still wanted it to feel like Christmas, so I sent Adam and Alex out to find a tree (mostly because we don’t actually have a vehicle that can hold all 5 of us).

Since my baby shower was cancelled (because I had the twins 5 weeks early), we decided to have a Meet-the-New-Babies and Come-See-Our-Beautiful-New-Kitchen party. Friends and family came and enjoyed meeting the new babies.

We even ventured out to see Santa – and took the bus (again, no car fit us)!!

We still managed to travel to Port Hope on Christmas Eve, and even hosted Christmas dinner at our house on Boxing Day for our family. You know, just because we’re masochists.

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