Wed. May 29th, 2024

Today our agent called and asked what we wanted to do. We reluctantly suggested that we offer slightly more than our original offer. It wasn’t as much as she wanted, but we thought it was just enough that she’d accept. Also, we went in with conditions, bitches.

It only took about an hour until our realtor called us back and said that she accepted! I think my exact words to him were: “No shit?!” I was eloquent, as always.

Apparently she was reluctant and unhappy about the conditions (home inspection and financing), but now the ball is in our court. Since our offer expires at 9pm on Friday night, we have just over 48 hours to make all of this happen. Then it’s ours!!!

This is really happening. Holy crap.

Photo 3-23-2014, 6 16 22 PM

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