Wed. May 29th, 2024

Two years ago, I built a planter box for our backyard out of pressure treated 2x10s and some leftover cedar from our deck.

Over the years, a combination of sun and dirt made it look quite faded. The picture below is after I cleaned it with the hose.

Now that we’re re-building the backyard, it was time to give it a makeover and restore it to its original beauty. I started by sanding the cedar with a palm sander.

Once the cedar was sanded, I taped the cedar to protect it and painted the front, sides and inside of the planter box.

Once the paint was dry, I removed the masking tape and applied Cabot natural stain to the cedar to protect the wood and bring out its colour.

The next step was to put the planter in its final resting place, between the future new walkway and the fence. Once the rest of the backyard is ready for plants, I’ll reinstall the landscaping fabric inside the planter and fill it with more gravel and dirt.

Things are really starting to come together!

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